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Vape Breakfast Classics


  • Pancake ManPancake Man
  • French DudeFrench Dude
  • Mango & Cream French DudeMango & Cream French Dude
  • Tooty Frooty Pancake ManTooty Frooty Pancake Man
  • Deluxe Pancake ManDeluxe Pancake Man
  • Deluxe French DudeDeluxe French Dude

  • 0MG0MG
  • 3MG3MG
  • 6MG6MG

  • 120ML120ML
Categories: E-Liquids

Deluxe French Dude - Deluxe French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics is French Toast E juice with a bonus of Fruity breakfast cereal in a vape that will leave you craving it all day long. Deluxe French dude tastes exactly like thick slices of French Toast, a drizzle of maple syrup, with a handful of your favorite fruity cereal topped with whipped cream.

Deluxe Pancake Man - What happens when you turn a pancake on its side and wage a war of flavors against it? You end up with Deluxe Pancake Man a smorgasbord of marshmallows, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped off with fruity cereal flakes. It takes a true vaper to take on this challenge, are you ready for to vape a breakfast classic?

French Dude - French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics is now available! From the same company that brought you Pancake Man, this e-juice is another fantastic breakfast creation. French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics is a freshly grilled French Toast doused in delicious and savory maple syrup topped with Blueberries and Whipped Cream, I mean who doesn’t like French Toast? Practically no one. If you are a breakfast vape lover, you are surely going to love this super bomb e-juice. The inhale is a light cinnamon French toast with a blueberry undertone and the exhale is sweet and delicious maple syrup with whipped cream. Vape Breakfast Classics uses an 80/20 VG/PG ratio, lending their e-liquids to produce large clouds and well-balanced flavors! The throat hit is almost nonexistent and the vape is smooth.

Mango & Cream French Dude - A delicious piece of french toast with mangoes and cream, topped with whipped cream and maple syrup.

Pancake Man - Pancake Man ejuice by Vape Breakfast Classics is a 120ml of fluffy Pancakes with butter, topped with strawberry and whipped cream, drizzled with maple syrup.

Tooty Frooty Pancake Man - A fresh new take on your favorite Pancake Man vape. This a delicious blend of fluffy pancakes, smothered in syrup it topped off with candied fruits for a sweet delicious breakfast vape that is out of this world! Flavor packed goodness that has made Vape Breakfast Classics a consistent top selling E Juice. You will want to vape your breakfast all day long.


Pancake man, French dude, Mango & cream french dude, Tooty frooty pancake man, Deluxe pancake man, Deluxe french dude


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